Week 12 Master Key Glenn Giese

This week Has been a challenge for me With the holidays coming family coming into town and that elephant in the living room not listening to the mouse on the back.

Writing the index cards with what I have done right and my good qualities has been such a big help keeping the old blue print a bay. As I was growing up I seemed to have gotten the idea that it was bad to blow your own horn don’t bring attention to yourself , and yet they still wanted me to achieve high grades in school, excel in sports etc…… Doing MKMMA is the first time I have really dealt with this issue and how it has effected my life.

Learning These new skills Is overwhelming at times and exciting to know that I do have control of my future if I form good habits and become their slave.



Week 11 Master Key Glenn Giese

A challenging week for me I can not believe how fast this week has gone by. Where did the past couple of days go it is all just a blur to me right now.

I Thinking that I need to change my DMP and concentrate It on my Personal Relationship needs and getting that part of my life working. I’m finding it really hard to visualize success in other parts of my life when there is an elephant in my living room I need to deal with.

Week 10 Master Key Glenn Giese

This week has shown me that I need to exercise these new skills and habits that I am developing.

As written in Master Key part 10 #22

Wisdom, strength, courage and all harmonious conditions are the result of power and we have seen that all power is from within; likewise, every lack, limitation or adverse circumstances is the result of weakness, and weakness is simply absence of power; it comes from nowhere, it is nothing — the remedy then is simply to develop power, and this is accomplished in exactly the same manner that all power is developed, by exercise.

I found that I have not been able to visualize the exercise in MK part 10 on the blank wall, my vision gets blurry but no square, circle, or cone.

When I close my eyes I start to visualize – I would guess in my minds eye, but then  I kept thinking that’s not right I need to visualize the shapes on the wall. From what I picked up in a team call from Jason, that visualization in the mind is fine. So I feel better now, and I will work on visualization in my minds eye.

My old blue print is still trying to control me and I have slipped abit when I’m tired and not completed all my daily reads, but im not letting it get me down and I get right back up on that horse.

Every day more cement is cracking and falling off my cement buddha, and I know the labor and hard mental work is worth it.

Week 9 Master Key Glenn Giese

This week has been a continuing  challenge for me, week 8&9 is has been where in my past pattern (old blue print), was to start to slacking off on any new activity that I signed up for. I always wanted the quick fix, instant satisfaction , when it came time to doing the hard work I would start making excuses and question what I was doing.

I’m pushing myself looking at that guy in the glass and staying the course.

Master Key part 9 great stuff that I have really needed. It seems that I have shut down my imagination these past years so as not to deal with disappoint , but by doing that it has given me a very dull and unsatifying life. Doing these excercises has been great and I can see that the cement is starting to crack on my cement Buddha.

I take comfort when I read in part 9 #15

Visualization is the mechanism of the attachment which you require. Visualization is a very different process from seeing; seeing is physical, and is therefore related to the objective world, the “world without,” but Visualization is a product of the imagination, and is therefore a product of the subjective mind, the “world within.” It therefore possesses vitality; it will grow. The thing visualized will manifest itself in form. The mechanism is perfect; it was created by the Mater Architect who “doeth all things well,” but unfortunately sometimes the operator is inexperienced or inefficient, but practice and determination will overcome this defect.

Practice, practice, practice, chip, chip, chip, starting to see GOLD!

Week 8 Master Key Glenn Giese

Well this week has been a very big eye opener on how I have been living my life. The 7 day mental diet …….. This daily exercise to rid all negative thoughts is showing me just how much that I have let the negativity control my actions.

Master Key part 8 #1

Thought contains a vital principle, because it is the creative principle of the universe and by its nature will combine with other similar thoughts.

I’m now seeing how I was combining way to many negative thoughts, opinions, and not taking any constructive actions. I surly have not been analyzing my every thought. I have allowed admittance of elements that truly do not have any helpful end in view.

my old blue print has been trying to regain control this week,trying to distract me go back to what is comfortable,go numb, don’t think, don’t do that dumb Law of Substitution.

looking at the guy in the glass has been a great help to me to realize if I go back now with what I have learned my life will not be fulfilling……. I have the power if I just do not let fear (old blue print) take over. Believe, let my imagination out of it chains

#9 Imagination is the mighty instrument by which every discoverer, every inventor, opened the way from precedent to experience. Precedent said, “It cannot be done;” experience said, “It is done.”

It Is Done – Time for hard mental labor

Week 7 Master Key Glenn Giese

Week 7 and the 7 Day Mental Diet, working on visualization making a an image clear and clean cut.

well the mental diet 7 days of no negative thoughts. Quite a challenge I have had to restart a few times. It is amazing how much negativity I have allowed to be part or it seems a big part of my life. Steering away from conversations that I offer up opinions has been a challenge. Why is it that almost all these conversations end up going negative? Boy, it seems this is how I was making myself feel better buy pointing out other people’s mistakes or what I thought were their short comings. I am now see that if I was to offer up support and encouragement or as I’m reading in the Greatest Salesman scroll 2 “always will I dig for reasons to applaud; never will I scratch for excuses to gossip.”

If we all would do this and not worry about who gets the credit this would be a much better world to live in.

visualization still a challenge for me. Still have that remote control switching channels but I have noticed I’m staying on the channels a little longer now.

I love the Masker Key part seven #2

Make the pattern clear and make it beautiful; do not be afraid; make it grand; remember that no limitation can be placed upon you by any nor but yourself; you are not limited as to cost or material; draw on the infinite for your  supply, construct it in your imagination; it will have to be there before it will ever appear anywhere else.

I can see that my old practical self was setting to many limitations on my dreams only allowing me to dream what I could afford at that time.

lookng forward to now going GRAND, kicking that practical logical side of me out the door and let my imagination run free. Even though my old blue print is dragging its nails I can see that it is losing it grip on me thank you MKMMA.

Week 6 Master Keys Glenn Giese

I will greet this day with love in my heart.

What a great way to start the day, this week I have been noticing just how much the way I have been living my life is no way near the way I should be living it. In fact when I look at that guy in the glass I see that I have just been fooling my way down the pathway, getting pats on my back thinking that I’m a wonderful guy.

I have just been following the crowd hoping and believing what has been feed to me is the way to a better life. Well when I stop to take a real look it may look like a good life, a home with a mortgage, car with a monthly payment, a job which pays me just enough so I won’t quite, my basic needs met. Now all I need is to win the lottery and I’m set for life. Not very satisfying just dull and safe.

When I look back at times when I really enjoyed my life it was when I was serving others, volunteering, teaching, doing a good tern daily, without expectation of reciprocity.

this week has has remind me how I should be focusing my mental power and the mechanism which I attach that power to.

loving this journey