Week 15 Master Key Glenn Giese

This week we are into scroll 4 of the Greatest Salesman in the World and, I must say that this scroll has hit some cords with me. So may of the passages make since to me now , but they go against how I thought I should behave or think when I was growing up.

I am nature’s greatest miracle …….. Well if that isn’t blowing your own horn to the max.

I really enjoy the passage: “Vain attempts to imitate others no longer will I make. Instead will I place my uniqueness on display in the market place. I will proclaim it, yea, I will sell it. I will begin now to accent my differences; hide my similarities.”

I am a unique creature of nature, now I see my worth for I am rare, and as the scroll says there is value in all rarity.

My self image is so much more than it was when I began MKMMA, can’t wait to see where it is when we finish this journey.


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