Week 13 Master Key Glenn Giese

Week thirteen The lucky number thirteen In The past a number that brought on feelings of doom, fear, uncertainty and distrust.  Now I’m seeing it as a number of hope, joy , anticipation, and fulfillment.

Week 13 has had me looking at what I’m grateful for by make 3 Gratitude cards daily and adding them to my stack of what I did right and qualities cards. This is proving to be a great way to break up my old Blue Print using the Law of Substitution.  Since we can not think about two things at the same time when a negative thoughts starts to enter my mind, BAMM I pull out my handy stack of positivity. Any doubts I was entertaining are blown out the window and I find myself saying Do It Now, Do It Now, Do it Now, Do It Now!!!

I feel so much better about myself, I see that I’m taking action now and it does not matter how small that action is, it’s the fact that I took action. In the past I always felt that I had to make a big production of whatever I was doing, and the result was procrastination because I was overwhelmed …… or so I thought.

Now I know take the small steps ……. I Persist Until I Succeed.


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